Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gotta Love CA!

Can't sleep, though it's 1:07 AM. With 91% of the precincts counted, Boxer is leading Fiorina 51% to 44%. Guess Babs can buy that one way ticket to Washington, crazy haircut and all. Hooray!

Buh-Bye Fiorina! Need any help packing your bags for China? Or is that just for expendable HP employees? And Meg Whitman, got a spare million you can lend me? [singing] Brotha, can you spare a dime...

We've got Governor Moonbeam back, & I love it!  Jerry Brown, now 72 years old, was once the youngest Governor of CA. Whatever you may think of him, he is bat-shit, crazy in love with CA. Do you think Linda Ronstadt will dust off the cobwebs to sing at his inauguration? Probably not. He's married now.

And speaking of being fiscally responsible [who was, me?], Whitman spent approximately $150 million of her own $ just to be defeated by a man who basically started his campaign Labor Day weekend. Her platform: With my leadership, CA can be as prosperous as it was 30 years ago...Uh, Meg, Jerry Brown was Governor 30 years ago. D'OH!

Guess I'm not going to get much sleep before I make my's VICTORY PARADE WEDNESDAY MORNING!

Woohoo! It's a great week to live in SF!