Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sure, Steve Jobs had vision, but Star Trek...

Kirk holding a "communicator"

I'm not here to debate Steve Job's genius. His intellect and knack for sensing what the "hoi poloi" would treasure have been well documented (here's one such NYTimes article). Don Draper (Mad Men reference), a fictional advertising genius, often says people don't know what they want until you tell them. Jobs certainly dazzled the world for years.

I'm simply stating it's remarkable how may Star Trek gadgets have been realized. Perhaps he (as well as the other tech giants out there) was a Trekkie, or sci-fi buff.  Note the following:

  • Kirk and crew relied on their communicators (aka flip phones/iphone). 
  • Later on in the series they spoke into their communicator badges. A CA company called Vocera is actually working on a similar device that can be pinned to your shirt.
  • They had GPS. How else could Scottie locate and beam up his crew mates!
  • Uhuru used a blue-tooth device as the Communication Officer. 
  • They used ichat/skype. 
  • Picard used a an "ipad". And for that matter the etch-a-sketch was really an ipad. 
  • Tri-corders were really hand-held devices for sensor scanning and data analysis.
  • Scottie used voice activation and talked to his computer much like Apple Siri or Google Now.  
  • They used portable digital storage (usb flash drives). 
Beam me up Scottie!

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