Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'd like to be that watch

Don't feel like writing a real column. So here are some random notes....

  1. Been a while since I was hit on. Yesterday I wore a pocket watch necklace and was accosted by a man who said, "I'd like to reside where that watch is!" My response, in my head, was, "You'd like it!" But, instead, I gave him my inbred semi-smile, and walked away. Had to, given my location [deliberately being cryptic as to my location].
  2. People, love your commas.........Consider the following:  Let's eat Grandpa  - versus -  Let's eat, Grandpa.   While Grandpa's leg might be tasty with some barbeque sauce, I'd rather just eat with him.
  3. Click here for fun shoe facts, like:
  4. Fun fact about snow: It doesn't snow in Maui. Let's go, NOW!

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