Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Breasts Are Broken

My D cups could always open subway doors before my feet arrived or keep elevator doors from closing. Now my darlings could shelve flat screen tv's.


Hey, lab technician, you're not trying to squeeze the last bit of minty toothpaste out of my tube of toothpaste. Quit it!

My boobs hurt when I lift them in the shower (yes, D cups need special shower TLC).  They're sore like when you strain your hamstrings. And they're red in certain spots. Damn! Think I need a sling - not a bra.

Do men have their own issues in their special areas after lab/doctor visits? Probably not, as Congress would have already enacted a special day of rest for them.

Click here for Marlo Thomas'  article on How to Survive Your Next Mamogram. There are additional humorous breast comic strips at the end of her article.
[Thanks to sweatpea147 for posting those humorous comic strips on Cafemom]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.


  1. Paula, don't envy your mammogram process, but glad you're taking care of it. As for our special Men's exams, let's just say the prostrate exam is, ahem, invasive... but relatively quick and painless. Certainly gets my attention... :/ So important we all take the time to get regular medical checkups - an ounce of prevention...

  2. My boobs never hurt like this after an SF exam. Perhaps this is another example of over-aggressive East Coast shenanigans? I guess prostate exams aren't fun either!


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